It’s Official! Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy is a Non-Profit

By administrator|April 7, 2016|News, Press Releases|

What started as four individuals from the Japanese-American community meeting on a hot Sunday afternoon in August, quickly grew into an organized group of 100% volunteers who called themselves the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro. The group’s immediate priority was to address the relatively short notice surrounding the pending sale of the Keiro facilities to a for-profit real estate firm, Pacifica Companies. Considering the fact that the community was given such short notice, the Ad Hoc Committee rallied to attempt to postpone the sale until a public hearing could be held.  But despite its best efforts, Keiro managed to sell its facilities to the real estate company, wash its hands of all property responsibilities, and pocket $41 million which they added to the coffers they had accumulated through years of public donations.

The Ad Hoc Committee knew its work was far from done; the residents felt abandoned by Keiro and needed someone to assume the helm and ensure that culturally-aware quality care continue for as long as the community requires it, thus the Ad Hoc Committee transitioned into  the non-profit organization, Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy. It vows to continue to fight to regain the kind of quality senior care facility that Keiro used to be. Koreisha will advocate for the well-being of the residents and the staff, whose dedicated efforts over many years have made Keiro a special place in the community. KSCA will also ensure that the conditions of the sale are not violated and that Keiro does not misappropriate any of the community’s monies obtained through years of donations.